9 Things about Weston air purifier you may not have known

1. “Weston is a 41 years old trusted brand in India.”
Weston has been in the Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances industry for 41 years now. Their company is trusted by thousands of people from India because of their exemplary service and affordable products. The company understands the needs of their customers and has proven that they are the best at what they do. With over 40 years of providing excellent customer service and top of the line appliances, you are rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth. One of the best products they’re currently offering is the best air purifier in India. The Weston air purifier is a great appliance for your home or work place because it helps remove harmful air pollutants. If you or someone in your family or office suffers from asthma or allergies, this will be a very helpful device to use. If you are constantly surrounded by smokers, it can help you get rid of the second hand smoke which is very bad for your health. Using air purifiers is a great way for people to get the luxurious opportunity of breathing fresh and clean air.
2. “Pollution is destroying our lungs due to polluted air.”
Did you know that pollution is destroying our lungs due to polluted air? Air purifiers is the solution to this fast growing problem. The device is able to clean its surrounding air by purifying it. It can remove microns from 0.3 to bigger sizes and ensures that the air is 99.9% dust free.

3. “Air pollution kills 1.3 million people every year in India due to indoor pollution. 30,000 people only in Delhi every year.”
In India, air pollution is the cause of death for 1.3 million people annually. This is mainly due to indoor air pollution. This means that the harmful chemicals could be in your house right now and you don’t even notice it being there. It’s a scary thought to think that the air which we breathe in every single day can cause our deaths. For residents of Delhi, every year there are 30,000 people who die because of air pollution. It’s definitely a growing concern for the city and the rest of the country. Indians should start focusing on finding solutions in solving this rampant issue. It’s a concern that should be taken very seriously.

4. “Delhi is India’s asthma capital.”
Delhi is also India’s asthma capital. Because of the terrible air pollution in the area, more and more people get sick. There hasn’t been a proven safe and effective way to resolve this issue. Using air purifiers is your best option.

5. “Using air purifier it reduces dust particle from thousands to under 500PM.”
The great thing about using air purifiers is that it can reduce dust particles from thousands to only under 500PM. This means that you’ll get the luxury of breathing fresh air all the time. It removes the risk of you catching any disease because of air pollution.Weston offers the best price air purifier. They are committed to helping out the community by doing their part. By purchasing their air purifiers, you won’t have to worry about your health. It will give you peace of mind knowing that their products are safe and effective. Many Indians trust their brand because they’ve been around for decades. Their air purifier is an amazing device which helps out people and the environment.

6. “Our air purifier contain 4 levels of filters including HEPA, UV, Carbon, and Ionised filters.”
It has 4 different filter options you can choose from. These are HEPA, UV, Carbon, and Ionised filters. This amazing air purification technology was first developed in World War II. They created it to get rid of radioactive dust particles which comes from the air. Its main purpose was to protect the soldiers’ respiratory health. HEPA means High Efficiency Particulate Air. A HEPA filter is a kind of mechanical air filter. It does its job by forcing air to go through a fine mesh which traps the harmful particles. These particles are in the form of dust mites, pollen, pet dander, or tobacco smoke. It’s very effective in cleaning out the air.

The UV filter stands for Ultraviolet air purifiers. It’s a new form of technology which was invented to substantially see an improvement on air quality and the removal of detrimental microbial particles. These are usually present in the air. The UV filters are able to kill these particles without using any type of filtration. Rather, they use the rays of ultraviolet light to extinguish them when they pass through.

The Carbon filter is combined with other minerals like zeolite. It can absorb molecules and ions which acts as a filter for chemical sieve, toxin removal and odor control. This particular filter will be most beneficial for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). This is because carbon absorbs formaldehyde which is commonly found in wood paneling, carpets and furniture upholstery. One other benefit of carbon is that it removes chemicals and perfumes from household cleaning items. These chemicals are especially harmful to children and the elderly.

Finally, the Ionised filter works by releasing ions into the air. They meet with airborne particles such as smoke or dust particles which causes them to get a charge. When they’re charged, the particles stick to surfaces like curtains or walls and takes out the pollution from the air.

7. “Our air purifier displays air quality sensor have less power consumption.”
Weston air purifiers displays air quality sensor. This makes the device use less power consumption. It wouldn’t only be beneficial for your health, but it will also save you money.

8. “Our air purifiers filter life cycle is one year.”
The filter life cycle of Weston air purifiers is one year which makes them suitable for long term use. It’s truly a great investment since you will not be the only reaping its benefits, your family and friends could also benefit from using it.

9. “Our air purifier have different speed setting and great beautiful looks.”
They have different speed settings and the variety of designs to choose from are all beautiful in their own way. Prioritizing your health and investing in a device which can help you live longer is a smart choice. There are plenty of benefits that you’ll get to experience by using air purifiers. You may not be aware that you’re already inhaling harmful chemicals since they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Having air purifiers in your home or at the office will take your worries away. You are assured that the Weston brand is made out of high quality materials. They offer competitive prices which is geared towards their goal of providing excellence in their services. Being aware of the reality that we’re facing, the ever increasing problem with air pollution, it’s time to start changing how we live. As the saying goes, “Health is wealth.” You’ll be rich by being healthy because you will live a strong and stress free life. Try out Weston’s air purifiers because they are the best in the market.