Weston has a wide spectrum of latest and unique LED TVs that are embedded with the latest design tool and aesthetics to give you unmatched viewing experience.

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Washing Machine

Installed with an intelligent system and copper protection, our washing machines are designed to give you the best wash every time with effortless washing experience.

Explore this section to increase the shelf life of your clothes.

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Hot Accessories


We love all our old and new customers. That is why you have to quickly log on to your favourite online retailer to buy our products before the stock expires!


About Weston

Since its inception in the late 70s, Weston has been the stop for affordable and high-quality electronic appliances to the suit the needs of the dynamic customers of today’s world. Did you know we were the first ones to launch TV in India?

Beginning with the technology of the time, we used to build Cathode Ray Tube TVs, the big ones that you no longer see. Weston was one of the largest selling brands for CRT TVs in India from 1980 to 2000.

When brands like Samsung and LG entered the domestic competition, we redefined the range our range of products from CRT TC to LED TV. Now, Weston has over 400 trade partners across India and selling our leading, cost-effective and affordable electronics in more than 8000 retail with exponentially expanding everywhere.

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