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7 little changes that make the big difference with Weston smart watch

Are you tired of the normal conventional wrist watches that you wear every day when you go to your office or workplace? Are you tired of the usual looks of your wrist watches and saddened by the fact that you can do nothing with it except to check the time? Well, even the very expensive wrist watches can tell you days of the week at the most.

Yes, you yearn to do a lot more with your wrist watch and it’s quite understandable. So, what do you do if you get watches that do a lot more than just tell time? Yes, it is possible to have watches that tell a lot more than just tell time and you can do a lot with these types of watches.

The era of smart watches

Touch screen watches, also known as smart watches, are a revolution in the wrist watch world. If you have a touch screen watch, more often than not you will find yourself looking at your watch every time your phone receives a text message or a call. There would be a greater battery life than any other touch screen device (other than a watch) that you might possess and of course, the ease factor in life would be greatly enhanced. Touch screen watches provide several benefits and can be pretty nice to wear. They increase the style quotient a few notches and make the wearer seem a lot cooler. Let us explore some of the features of these smart watches and what makes them special.

(i). The Weston Smart watch is the best smart watch brand you could ever think about. It is an Indian Brand, produced by the Weston Company. This smart watch is durable and lasts a long time.

(ii). It is a Bluetooth smart watch, uniquely designed with a screen size of 1.44″ and a resolution of 128*128. Its touch module is a capacitive touch panel. It is a stylish watch from a classic brand and models, extremely desirable especially to those who go for style rather than high fashion. Its design is streamlined and also contemporary.

(iii). It has a wide range of specifications that portray a user friendly interface with appealing features. It is operated by Android Operating Systems hence supporting diverse features. Among the most unique features is the ability of the watch to configure messaging, phonebook as well as making calls. You can therefore use it for communication purposes just as a normal phone. Access to the internet also provides a very crucial feature that one can use social networks on this device.

(iv). The Weston Smart watch enables with fat burn tracker, speed tracker and mileage.

(v). It has a 24 hour battery backup. The battery type is Lithium Ploymer with a capacity of 3.7/250 mAh. This is enough to last you as long as you need.

(vi). Our smart watch have an mp3 player, FM radio, calender and calculator. These are features you all look for in your smartphones. It supports time synchronization , moreover, the time and date set mode is user defined. Alarm, sleeping monitor, pedometer, altimeter and barometer are all features supported by the Weston Smart Watch. This makes everyone desire to have the best smart watch ever; the Weston Smart Watch.

(vii). The Weston smart watch can connect with eternal device using USB cable and support external memory.. Moreover, it is bluetooth supported The compatibility feature is advantageous to all users. This improves its functionality. It has an anti- lost finding phone system; incase you lost or misplaced it, You can easily find it back, It is the cheapest smart watch and can be afforded by almost everyone. With all these features , you cannot hesitate getting that classy and stylish look by wearing the Weston Smart watch

Generally, the Weston Smart watch has these advantages :


  • Added usability features


Without the touch screen feature, a watch could not do a lot of what it can do now. How would you change screens? Would there be four arrow keys on your digital watch to make it work like a touch screen watch? Would you then have to move the cursor to each and every option in order to toggle with it? That does not sound feasible, which is precisely why touch screen watches had to be introduced by companies like Weston. Because you can now “touch” it to make it work, playing around with detailed options like choosing your song or reading a text or increasing the volume is much easily and more practical.

  1. Ability to sync with other devices

Yes, sync information that is important with other electronic devices you have including tablets and other smart phones. More, Android is primarily a touch screen operating system. It has been used on touch screen phones mostly and perform the best when used on them. Therefore, if the most advanced operating system were to be used for small mobile devices like a Watch, it had to be a touch screen watch. This also helps the watch get synced with other devices running the same Operating System and therefore sharing of data can be made much easier and faster.

  1. Added Comfort

The added comfort which comes with this watch is not only limited to not having to press physical buttons to get things done on it. The fact that a lot of apps can now be used on your watch itself is a huge comforting factor. If for instance you’re a sports person, not having to carry your phone around to listen to songs or check your running speed can be the biggest sigh of relief imaginable.

Add to these benefits is the fact that you are now the spotlight wherever eyes fall upon your beautiful little touch screen device and you have a solid list of benefits that a smart screen watch provides. With features from notification from social networks as well as calls, stop watch and also calendar, voice activation, water-proof, various alerts and shock-proof , the Weston Smart watch turns out to be the best smart watch, ideal to many, cheap and therefore affordable to many. Complete your look with the Weston smart watch, let it be a status symbol and a reflection of how classy you can be.