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TV buying advisor: Smart TVs made in India are faring well!

Technology being manufactured in India is not scaling down. Good news! Indians can purchase an intelligent band of home-based technology at many affordable rates now. Technology has brought the best prices in buying smart television as India has become a market par excellence in its business. The fabrication has taken great leaps into the areas of features and specifications of television technology. Here we attempt to show you extensive comparison and methodical context about what you may have stumbled on the front of prices in relation to their features.

The buyers face snare of terminologies and technicalities when they land their feet out into the market to purchase a television. To find an answer to these perplexities, the simplest non-technical premise would be LED television which is the latest eruption in television technology. What is an LED television? LED TV belongs to the category of LCD television that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to backlight the display rather than the cold cathode fluorescent lights (CCFLs) utilized in standard LCD televisions. LED TVs are more officially pronounced as LED-backlight LCD television. The TVs of this technology is a smart choice when considered for their prices and the facet of aesthetics in their features. Not only they are offered in different sizes, their striking contours bring affinities for the product in you.

The LED television is definitely a viable option for urban regions as its affordability and entertainment quotients are well-recognized in the market. Recently to-be-launched smart variants of Weston will yield ripples in the consumer durables industry. It is the same brand which 42 years ago launched first color television in India.


With televisions, the larger the screen size, the deeper is the viewing experience. However, the mid and small-sized screen TVs equally adapt to serve the magnitude of your budget and a house you have a lifestyle in. Weston TVs are being manufactured in big to small size screens. They are LED TVs. They are all designed with slim bezels around the display having shades of dark black and grey colors. The flat-screen designs would appear seamless.


Different screen sizes are coming in HD, FHD and UHD with resolutions beginning from (1366×768), (1920×1080) to (3840 x 2160), respectively. They are truthfully fascinating for the factors of their bold colors, blackness, brightness, and picturesque contrast. The premium 4k models will be saddled with the picture quality that can be upgraded to the HDR. The totality of the picture quality is altogether fresh. The high contrast ratio generated in the Weston LED TVs has been merged with backlighting. This signifies that picture quality will possess the intended depth and realism.


Don’t just look for the screen size. Discovering a new TV is fun, but should we not feel more responsible towards going for the right choice. The programs of the television are the other technical aspects to be discerned. Among Weston variants of the TVs, Smart App is one of the new applications obtainable from the App Store. This App is responsible for transforming your phone in your hand into a remote control. The E-share App, designed both for iOS and Android phones, is suitable for screen sharing as your TV imitates what is running on your mobile.


The premium metallic bezel surrounding the display of the 4k variants shiningly segregates itself from the whole body. On the screen, you get to see visuals with a million pixels. The Weston TVs are supplied with remote controls that give smart choices regarding their functions. In addition, the 1.5 GHz Quad-core processor and Penta core GPU processor, 1 GB RAM, and 8 GB ROM circumvent high-speed variable for processing the inputs received as streaming audiovisuals.

The Digital Dolby makes stunning surround sound quality for its 4k variants. The FDH variants are furnished with an in-built soundbar with a sound power of 40 W.